Palmistry - A Science

It is a science. Realm of medical research has increased many folds. Due to new discoveries, palmistry is no longer considered an art but an exact science dealing with every aspect of human life i.e. psychological, physiological and material.

Palmistry is a Science

Just the way doctor can detect a weak liver by looking at the pale color of eye; similarly the working of brain gets reflected in the hand.....

Palmistry has the Answer

Hand color, skin texture, size & thickness, length of fingers and many other features of the hand, each tell a unique story.

Punam Ji’s Journey - 40 Years

Punam Ji is a world renowned palmist; “Delhi Palmist” is the new face of her years’ long practice of palmistry. She started studying palmistry 35 years ago and till this day has remained its keen student. Her journey started with studying the basics of palmistry, given the dearth of good study material. As years passed by & her practice grew, she met several Page-3 personalities, famous artists, industrialists, sports persons, multi millionaires, NRIs, highly placed doctors, lawyers, writers and other professionals; their hand prints, served as abundant research material to develop rational theories around hand and its features. The rich account of hand prints collected over these years is not only rare but also lends deep insights & concluding factors that are most often missing in the text books. This advantage distinguishes her from the rest. However, she believes that palmistry is a subject of vast diversity and there is an ocean waiting to be explored. Punam Ji, is a student and a teacher of Palmistry. She is an active faculty member of the Delhi Astro Study Circle at New Delhi.
Punam Ji’s Technique

Punam Ji’s style of palm reading is careful and pays utmost attention to detail. It is important to note that changes in mentality, emotional patterns & chemical compositions of the body have a significant impact on the way our life is shaping. These get reflected in the fine lines of the hands or in other features of the hand. Most of these fine lines or patterns in the fingers are not visible to the naked eye. Unless examined carefully the correct interpretation of the lines cannot be drawn. To capture these details an exhaustive form is filled and attached with the hand print. These two are then read together to satisfy your specific queries.

Client details and information from their hand prints is kept confidential. Only the client themselves are privy to the information. Exception is made in case of couples seeking matrimony or those who already married.Couples seeking matrimonial reconciliation are given separate consultation to ensure that insights provided by the Palmist are used constructively. During our consulting session we take care to not disclose details of past relationships / bad experiences to either partner. We discourage clients from seeking consultation for entertainment.
Tarrot & Dream Analysis

Often, Punam Ji uses tarot cards and dowsing technique to reconfirm the predictions made through the lines of the palm. Quite often dreams also throw hints about our future life, which may go unnoticed. With regular meditation exercises, Punam Ji has developed intuitive reasoning that assists in analyzing dreams. Often when a client is going through critical times, they are asked to recollect their dreams; insights from these dreams are used to confirm the indications provided on the hand.

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Our Services

Palmistry Consultation

A 30 minute session with the Palmist provides for a quick glance at the palm. Important questions of immediate concerns can be addressed. Appointment for the session can be taken in advance. Recommended for single adults.

Hand Print Analysis & Remedies Consultation

Palmistry acts as a tool of guidance tothe parents for the selection of vocation for their children. Upto the age of 12 to 14 years hand is as  unformed as the character of the child. Before the transition from adolescence to the adulthood has happened; it is much easier to correct a fault before it occurs than to change a thoroughly established habit, a carefully prepared chart of the child's hands, properly read can prevent such failure for your child.

Here 90 minutes session with palmist is required when palmistry notes down all key features of the hand and takes the handprint using ink roller and hand pressing technique. Thorough analysis is done in that 90 minute session.

A 20 minute session on day 1 & 60 minute session on day 2 with the Palmist. In the 1st session Palmist notes down all key features of the hand and takes a hand print using ink, roller & hand pressing techniques. The client is requested to put down all important questions & concerns on a sheet of paper. The hand print & detailed features are then studied along with the set of questions / concerns provided by the client. The 2nd session is for providing answers to the questions asked and recommending possible health remedies & yoga techniques (if applicable) Hand print analysis & remedies consultation allows clients to hold quick query resolution sessions with the Palmist over phone. This service also provides for long term consultation whereby clients can re-assess their situations over six months or a twelve months period. Hand print analysis & remedies is particularly helpful for clients visiting from abroad who cannot make frequent trips to the Palmist.

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Palmistry Course

Golden opportunity to learn the technique of hand reading from Punam Ji

30 weeks professional course commences every year from April/May. This course intends to provide the professional & theoretical knowledge of palmistry along with the practical workshop. Punam Ji's continous effort to study palmistry in depth & the research undertaken by her in this ancient study will form the foundation of practical knowledge which will be imparted to students during the course. Students will get an additional opportunity to learn from the thousands of handprints collected during the long experience spreading into four decades.

Important Note

1. Online classes are also available
2. Registration opens from 20 March every year
3. Weekly class for 2 hours duration will be held on the weekend
4. One time fee for the entire course is INR 30,000.00
5. Merit certificate will be given after the successfull completion of the course
6. Those who are already professionally practicing palmistry need not to apply

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Our clientele includes many prominent personalities, artists, sports persons, NRI's, highly placed doctors, lawyers.... & many other professionals.

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